About Xfinity

  • Xfinity is an American over the top American TV service, and Comcast owns it
  • At first, this is created as the alternative for other competitors OTT skinny bundles for cord-cutters
  • And they can proffer a selection of major cable channels and on-demand content the users can stream via Smart TV, streaming players and mobile apps
  • Similarly, Xfinity Stream Beta app is available on the Roku channel store
  • Download the Xfinity Stream Beta on Roku and activate it via xfinity.com/authorize
  • Moreover, this channel will proffer live broadcast channels, cable channels, and video’s on-demand

Features of Xfinity channel

  • Firstly, it is the Home page as the users can find the recently viewed shows, channels and blockbuster movies, and feature contents
  • Secondly, it can be Transactions, and the users can rent and buy all the favorite movies and TV shows anytime
  • The users must choose the purchase PIN for complete control of the purchase
  • After that, launch the purchase from the streaming device or any flex device
  • Thirdly, it is bolt-ons, and the users can subscribe to Premium channels, Sports packs, and international channels
  • Moreover, to make use of the Xfinity Stream Beta channel, the user must have a Comcast account, an active Xfinity TV, Instant TV or Xfinity on Campus subscription
  • xfinity.com/authorize, the activation URL for the Xfinity channel


How to create an Xfinity account?

  • Firstly, visit Xfinity.com/getstarted or click the Create an Xfinity ID in the sign-in page
  • After that, check for the account details and confirm the account details by either using mobile number or social security number
  • And now click the Continue option
  • Once after completing with the account verification, the user will have an option to provide the existing or private email address
  • Secondly, click the link sent to the email address
  • Finally, sign in using the Xfinity id and also add an email address to the account from the Settings tab
  • After, installing the Xfinity channel, log in using credentials and begin with the activation via xfinity.com/authorize

What are the menu options on the Home screen?

  1. Search
  2. Browse
  3. Live TV
  4. Saved
  5. Settings

The users can make use of these options to surf through the app and search for all the favorite programs.

How to add and initiate the Xfinity channel on Roku?

  • First of all, access the Roku home screen by holding the Roku Home button on the remote
  • Scroll to the left and reach streaming
  • Under that, choose the Roku channel store to download the channel
  • Next, enter the name o the channel as Xfinity and wait for the results
  • After that, choose Xfinity stream from the result and check for the payment information
  • If there is no payment information, then select the Add channel option
  • The most important step is to activate the Xfinity channel through xfinity.com/authorize
  • After downloading the Xfinity Stream app on Roku, choose Get started option
  • Once when the channel appears on the Roku screen, access the channel and press the OK
  • Now, the welcome screen of the Xfinity channel will appear and select the Get Started option
  • Secondly, the Xfinity channel will give the channel activation code on the TV screen
  • Moreover, open a new web browser on a computer that has the same wireless network access
  • Similarly, visit xfinity.com/authorize on the web browser to provide the Roku activation screen
  • In xfinity.com/authorize site, enter the channel activation code and choose Activate device option
  • Finally, the activation process via xfinity.com/authorize will start and check the Roku channel list

Solution for Xfinity Stream on Roku not functioning

  • First of all, log out from the Xfinity Stream Beta channel and then log in again
  • Secondly, check for the wireless network signal is secure and stable
  • After that, reset the username or password for the Roku account
  • Moreover, on the Roku device, access Settings and choose Network and update or Set up a new connection
  • Make use of some other web browser to visit xfinity.com/authorize
  • Finally, try to restart the Roku device

If you have any problems or require more explanation regarding xfinity.com/authorizecontact our technical support team or visit Roku activation code.

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