Terms and Conditions

Before using any of the services mentioned on our website, it is essential to study the terms and conditions. You can move forward with utilizing our services if you agree with the policies mentioned herein.

Vision and mission

Delivering the finest assistance to our users and helping them to conclude the Roku streaming player configuration successfully. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we actually strive hard for that.

Privacy Policy

You should read the Terms and conditions and privacy policy, which is essential, before using our service. We have mentioned about the security and privacy of the information that is provided by the users. We actually take the responsibility to safeguard the data or information that is gathered from the users.


The information on the website or the services we provide is to help the users who require assistance to setup their streaming players. Users who visit our website can make use of the information for personal use. Users cannot modify, replicate, transmit, show, implement, duplicate, publish, generate imitative works from, broadcast, or market any details mentioned on our website. If you violate the restrictions, you will face the legal consequences in a court of law.

Judicial Laws and Regulations

We abide by legal policies when there is any data exploitation or threats to user data. We do not publicize the data or information that we gathered from the users without their consent. If the judicial administration obliges, we will provide the user information after proper research. We are not answerable for the mishandling that takes place due to third-party vendors

The terms and conditions available here will be changed frequently. Any alterations in the Terms and Conditions or Privacy policies can be done at any time and whenever required without any prior notice. Therefore, it is advisable to go through these details here before you commence using our services. Navigate to our website to read more about our service policies.