The TCL Roku TV can proffer access to more than 5000,000 movies and TV episodes, cable box, gaming console. And the built-in tuner can give you access free and air HD content that makes the cord cutting TV. The great know manufacturing company and the Roku Tv blends together and has the built-in Roku device in the TCL TV. All that has to be done is to set up the TCL Roku TV, connect it and turn it on. Here are some guidelines and solutions to solve TCL Roku tv black screen

TCL Roku TV Black Screen

Unique features

  • The TCL TV is designed with 4K Ultra HD, exposing the high-resolution entertainment with one click
  • Firstly, the user can configure other options to get the enhanced picture quality
  • Moreover, the Direct-lit LED allows the users to have good picture frame clarity for all video contents and audio
  • Similarly, the Dual-band users can link through the wired or wireless network
  • Check for the steps below to solve the TCL Roku tv black screen

What is TCL Roku tv black screen error?

TCL Roku tv black screen error happens where the TV turns on but there is no display on the screen. Moreover, this issue can come up because of the mishandling of the TCL TV and also can include some other exterior factors. Make use of the guidelines below to solve the TCL Roku tv black screen error

How to fix the TCL Roku tv black screen error?

  • The following steps can help you to overcome this TCL Roku tv black screen error
  • Firstly, check for the front LED light
  • The user can see a white LED indication in the front of the TCL Roku TV and if the TV is in standby mode or it is in off position
  • After that, make sure to point the remote towards the LED and the press any button and then check for the LED light blinking
  • Moreover, if receiving the blink then try with the next solutions
  • Check for the accessories to solve the TCL Roku tv black screen
  • At first, solve the issues the TCL Roku TV remote
  • Similarly, check whether the TV is getting enough power supply and the power connector connection is perfect
  • Most importantly, remove any power cord that is attached to the TCL TV, if it is not the original one
  • Make use of the original power cord that came along the TV package
  • To solve the TCL Roku tv black screencheck for all the wired connections
  • Secondly, look through all the ports and check whether the wired connections are made correctly at the rear ends
  • After that, delink all the connections and then relink it starting with the setup and then power on the TV

Restart the TCL TV

Fix this TCL Roku tv black screen issue by restarting the Roku TCL TV. At first, this error can happen if the TV has turned off while the software update process. Secondly, press the power button under the TCL TV logo and then power off it for sometime. Finally, delink all the cables and then restart the TCL TV after some time and check whether TCL Roku tv black screen issue exists

Factory reset the device for a better solution 

  • To get a solution for this TCL Roku tv black screen issue, try factory resetting the TCL TV
  • First of all, to proceed with a factory reset option on the black screen, long-press the reset button for more than 12 seconds
  • Moreover, the Roku TV will power off and the factory reset process will take place
  • Again try to restart it after some time to check whether the TCL Roku tv black screen persists

If you face any difficulties or issues or have any doubts regarding TCL Roku tv black screen, visit or make a call to our technical support team using the toll-free number for their assistance

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