Roku Channel Availability

Arriving with top-notch entertainment contents, Roku is always careening ahead of other brands. With a package of around 4500 channels, thousands of movies and robust quad-core processor, you can surf seamlessly with the contents.

As the channel availability is in a whopping number, it is a very common factor to face errors for some channel loading. Especially during the Roku software update, you might oftentimes face failures in accessing some channels. In this lineup, many users are raising that Roku YouTube not working.

Roku YouTube Not Working

Roku YouTube Not Working

Roku YouTube Not Working

  • Recently, it has been witnessed that there are some issues in accessing the YouTube app on Roku device
  • All the other channels are working fine, but the problem prevails only with YouTube
  • Sometimes the channel crashes amid the content loading and it is quite annoying to view the shows

Reason for This Issue

  • The ultimate cause for this error is officially not declared
  • But it is very common to get such errors for random channels during the software update of Roku
  • And probably for this error also, Roku software update could be a reason
  • Especially, many users who have updated their existing software only faced such Roku YouTube not working issue

Solutions for the error

Below are some of the simple ways to overcome this YouTube crashing error,

  • Go to the Roku home screen, and access your available channel list
  • Uninstall/remove the YouTube channel package from your Roku
  • After removing the channel, turn off your Roku player and TV for some time
  • Then, turn on the device again and proceed the channel installation steps from the beginning
  • Go to the channel store->most popular channel->YouTube
  • Adjust your display resolution based on the content quality, sometimes improper resolution may also lead to failure in content loading

A Simple Way to Switch for Universal Resolution

  • If you have already customized your device resolution to some other option, make it as standard resolution
  • In the Roku homepage, access the settings and then ‘display type’
  • By turning on the ‘standard’ resolution, all the available contents are supported to play, except the HD contents

Besides, if you are facing difficulties and want to know some other effective steps on Roku YouTube not working, just get our team guidance by calling the toll-free number +1-820-300-0612 or visit

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