The home together on Roku is to make the streaming on the Roku a little easier. As if we spend most of our time at the house nowadays. So you may wish to watch the latest news, stream educational content for the kids and the family entertainment or else wish to view the movies and the TV shows on the Roku. To make the Roku customers happy, they have planned to establish the home together on Roku.

Home Together on Roku

What are the contents focused on the home together on Roku?

As the home together mainly focuses on the content, which stays as the people’s first choice. As contents like the live news, kids and family entertainment, at-home fitness to keep your mind and body healthy, educational inspiration to your children, and the faith-based channels.

Further, in the future they are planning to offer more free highlighting programs to entertain the people who are in the house due to the self- quarantine. You can get all those upcoming shows on the featured free option and the Roku channel.

They have also extended the 20 premium partners to offer the 30 days of the free trial within the Roku channel, including the SHOWTIME, EPIX, and the fit fusion and Smithsonian channels. Because of the self-quarantine, many other channels are also working to entertain the people by unlocking the free trial.

What are the shows that come under the home together on Roku?

Here is the list of the shows which are available on Roku home together special offer

  1. Showtime
  2. EPIX
  3. Noggin this offers the people for the 60 days of free trial and this offer is available from 4/1/20
  4. Lifetime movie club
  5. History vault
  6. Smithsonian
  7. Hallmark
  8. A&E crime central
  9. Acorn tv
  10. The greatest courses
  11. UMC
  12. UP faith and family
  13. Fit fusion
  14. Gaiam tv
  15. Scream box
  16. Hopster
  17. Shout! Factory
  18. Baeble music
  19. ZooMoo
  20. Grokker
  21. Hi-Yah!
  22. Fandor
  23. BFI
  24. MHz choice

What are the unlocked channels and offers that are available on the home together on the Roku channel?

CBS all access

This channel offers 30 days free trial. So you can enjoy the movies, series and many originals for free on CBS all access.


This channel has unlocked the past seasons of the masked singer for free to entertain its customers.

FOX news

As this is the news channel. It unlocks the live streaming to make the people get to know about the live happenings.


This channel has set free for the large content from their on-demand library which also includes the recent episodes of the Monday Night Raw, Friday night smackdown and many more


You can get the NBA league pass for free till April 22. all you need to do I to create the account on the Roku device to get the free access

NBC sports

On the NBC sports, gold, you can enjoy the free pass for the PGA TOUR LIVE, premier league, pro motocross, INDYCAR, and more. To acquire this pass, you need to surf to the NBC sports site

Sirius XM premiere

Here on this channel you can listen to the music, get the news and get the wellness advice free until May 15


This channel offers frozen II

How to get the live news on the home together on Roku?

If you wish to get the live news and the local news on the Roku device, all you need is to search on the news zone on the Roku. Then you can pick the option from the provided list.

How to keep your kids and family entertained via home together on Roku?

There are also many shows and series which is completely meant for the kids and family.

The Roku channel

Roku channel is the best way to keep both the family and the kids entertained. It is your choice to pick the contents from both the free and paid subscriptions. The free subscription includes Ryan’s world, sesame street, leapfrog, etc.

PBS kids

You can get the PBS kid’s content absolutely for free. There are many popular educational contents like the  curious George, daniel tiger’s neighborhood and the Arthur for free

Happy kids TV

These channels are entirely free. Via this channel, you can teach your kids the nursery rhymes for up to 10 years old. The rhymes include the Thomas and friends, pokemon, my little pony, Barbie, etc.


This channel is also available for free on the Roku. You can take care of your kid’s health and as well as the mind by teaching them yoga, mindfulness activities and dance videos which include baby shark, etc


This is available under the subscription basis; you can get movies and tv shows like Disney, Pixar, marvel, star wars, and national geography.


As like the disney+ this also comes under the subscription basis, you can get more than 4000 cartoons. Some cartoons are scooby doo, looney tunes, the jetsons and tom and jerry.

Free movies available on the home together on Roku

As there many hundreds of free movies, tv shows, live news, and documentaries available on the Roku. Because of the self- quarantine, there are many more movies added to the home together on Roku. They are available under different categories; they are essential movies, tv, kids, family and fun, couch concerts, comfort tv, etc.

Here are the list of movies available now on Roku

  1. Star wars: the rise of skywalker
  2. Just mercy
  3. The hunt
  4. EMMA
  5. The invisible man
  6. Onward
  7. Birds of prey
  8. Bloodshot
  9. The gentlemen
  10. I still believe
  11. The way back
  12. Bad boys for life
  13. Sonic the hedgehog
  14. Trolls world tour
  15. The rhythm section

Free channels available on the home together on Roku

Pluto tv

On this channel, you can enjoy many moves, and this offers the 250+ channels.

Tubi tv

You can get thousands of hours of movies, and tv shows completely free


Here you can get the live local news, tv shows and viral videos which is entirely for free


If you wish to enjoy the Hollywood movies and tv series you can get via the crackle which is completely available for free

For further details on the home together on Roku, you can get the guidance from our expert support team and resolve the issues.

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