Roku Streaming Player

The Roku Streaming Player or the Roku TV can let you with access to stream the audio and video using the internet. At first, to watch all your favorite contents, the user must have a good network connection Most importantly, the network connection must be secure as the user can view buffer-free video contents. Here we have quick and straight forward guidelines to fix the Roku connected but not working

Roku Connected But Not Working

Error message(Roku error code 009) not able to connect to the wireless Network

  • Roku connected but not working, is the most common issue while streaming the video contents
  • Firstly, the user must adequately connect the Roku streaming player to the Home network
  • Similarly, during the setup process, the user must choose the wireless network name and then enter the password
  • After doing the Roku streaming player will establish the network connection of the home access point
  • Secondly, if the Roku streaming player is not able to link to the home network through the router, so you are not able to do the device setup
  • Most importantly, if the device is set up and you cannot be ready to launch the channels that will require an internet connection
  • Finally, all the user must, do is to correctly set up the network connection and then check for the router status
  • Roku connected but not working error message(Roku error code 009) will appear when there are issues with the home network

How to check the Internet connection?

  • Firstly, access the Settings and then select Network
  • After that, the user must choose the Check Connection option to execute a two-part test
  • The first part will check the linking to the home network and will verify the quality of the signal
  • The second one will check for the connection to the device and can measure the speed of the connection
  • Roku connected but not workingwill be solved or else proceed with the further steps to fix the issue

How to fix the connectivity issues on the Roku streaming device?

  • If the Roku connected but not working issues persist, then proceed with the following steps
  • First of all, make sure to provide the correct name of the Wireless Network
  • After that, check to enter the correct password for the wireless Network
  • Secondly, check whether the wireless router is working correctly and then access a public website
  • After that, try to improve the wireless signal strength
  • Make sure to place the router and the Roku streaming device close to each other
  • And check whether there are no obstacles between the wireless router and the Roku streaming device
  • Finally, start to restart the Roku Streaming player and the wireless router
  • To reset the Roku streaming player, firstly, access Settings and then choose System
  • After that, select System and Choose Restart
  • If the case to restart the Roku TV, access Settings and choose System
  • Next, select Power and then choose System Restart option
  • And now check whether the Roku connected but not working issue persists or not

Roku does not link to the wireless Network

In this case, firstly, check whether the router is on and whether it is indicating the network connectionSecondly, if not, disconnect it from the power outlet and restart the wireless router for secure and good network connection

Roku can indicate the Network lost

  • First of all, get back the Roku streaming device online, go to the Settings page
  • Next, choose Network and then select Set up Connection
  • Finally, this will inform you to set up the internet connection once again, and the Roku streaming device will be back online

Roku streaming players are not on the Correct Network

  • Now, the user must repeat the network setup process again
  • Moreover, make sure to choose the correct name from the available list
  • Most importantly, enter the correct password for the wireless Network

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