RCA Roku TV is a very prevalent Roku TV model that offers first class picture quality and easy user interface features. There is super benefits for home use. Get a glimpse of the fine points of the TV here.

The Simple Design

It contains three HDMI ports, two USB ports, optical audio output, composite video input, etc. Furthermore, there is a small cluster of buttons on the lower right that offers basic controls. However, with the TV, it serves as the backup control method. The remote is the best option for the operation.

The remote features standard infrared Roku TV remote. There are some useful buttons for Hulu, Fandango Now, Netflix and Pandora. There are functions such as basic controls and home media. Use it along with Android and iOS with Roku application.

Function of RCA Roku TV

The RCA Roku TV uses the technology and design of the smart TVs. It contains an excellent interface and features that are useful to connect. Besides it supplies consistent experience. Roku provides thousands of streaming video applications and services that consist of a famous name such as Google Play, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, Amazon Music, etc.

Operation of RCA Roku TV

This TV supports and features the high dynamic range of content. There is no Dolby version. The TV backs HDR its performance shows that the HDR content is not specifically improved in the standard dynamic range content.

The RCA Roku TV is not bright or dark it has peak brightness. Opportunely the TV manages color better that is light and dark.

Use of power

The RCA Roku TV displays mediocre input lag so it saves power by cutting down of minute operations. Then the other models of Roku this TV is more affordable.

Under the ordinary conditions, the RCA Roku TV uses a ninety-five watts setting. When you set the brightness to the ordinary it cuts down the sixty-nine watts and at the same time keeping screen viewable. The settings for the dark are dim.

Reasonability in pay and use

The RCA Roku TV provides accurate colors and a lot of media options for streaming. These all are available for the low price. The TV is steady so you can get the TV and be content with the price with which you purchase it.

rca roku tv

rca roku tv

RCA Roku TV Setup

Before starting using the RCA Roku  TV you will have to unpack it and attach the base or the wall mount to make the required connections. Then you can complete the process by the setup guide wizard.

Some of the requirements

To stream contents on Roku TV, you will need a wired or wireless connection. Create the Roku account to continue with the process.

  • Firstly, insert the batteries in the Roku remote that comes along with the TV
  • Then, your Remote controls a pair of matched batteries of the right size. Open the cover of the remote at the back and place the batteries appropriately.
  • After that, close the battery cover
  • Now, power on the TV
  • The indicator of the TV must be ON. This shows that the TV is powered ON
  • Click the power button on Roku TV remote control. The light that indicates the Roku modes will be OFF. Then after a time, you will see the startup screen
  • Select the language
  • When the Roku power is ON the screen will show you the settings to choose the language
  • Scroll up and down the list provided for you and click the OK button on the Roku to select the language
  • Choose for the home use. When you are setting up the RCA Roku TV you have to choose when you are using it for home “set up for home use”
  • Link Roku TV to network and internet
  • Choose the wireless network you would like to use. The same network you use for the computer and network
  • Download the software after the network connection
  • Create a Roku account and then activate the Roku TV
  • Now connect the devices
  • Lastly, the process is complete

To know more about the features and setup of RCA Roku TV you can get in touch with our team for assistance @ +1-820-300-0612or visit our Homepage roku.com/link.

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