Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We make use of two methods in order to collect the data from users and get to know about the methods by studying the information here. Information is collected via electronic mail and online chats.

Details like Name, Email ID, Credit card or PayPal account information are collected from the users. To enhance the services that we provide to our users, the information is gathered. Payment details are actually collected for the services our technical team provides the users. Using the information, we tend to generate a profile for the clients if they necessitate. Sometimes, we tend to collect error reports from the clients.

Refund and Cancellation

Canceling the services or request solely depends on the individual and we actually adhere to the legal policies. Subscriptions will be stopped instantly after the user cancels it.

Roku customer executives will strive hard to get rid of the issue in the Roku streaming player. Then the team will come with a solution and deliver it to you over the call or via text. Roku support executives always work hard to get rid of the device issues by gaining computer access is required or when the user prompts to do so. However, we do not facilitate any refunds in case the user does not find our service satisfactory.

User responsibility

Clients are also in charge to protect the information or data and should not unveil it to different third-party vendors available as ads on our website. Users can disclose the information under certain circumstances when it is mandatory. Keep up the privacy to avoid the misuse.

Navigate to our page. Study and comprehend the policies prior to the utilization of any service. Jot down the toll-free number and dial to converse with our technical experts.