Pbs Kids -Helps Your Kids To Learn!

The PBS Kids is the brand for most of the kids programs that are being shown by the Public Broadcasting Service, which is PBS in the United States. It has a lot of kids shows, especially to make them learn, and its the kids favorite characters who will be educating them. This PBS Kids app is available on several streaming services, and you can download it on them and activate it via pbskids.org/activate.

The blog consists of:

  1. About PBS Kids
  2. PBS Kids shows
  3. Compatible devices of PBS Kids
  4. Signing up with PBS account
  5. Activating PBS Kids on Roku
  6. How to get PBS Kids on Android TV?
  7. Downloading PBS Kids on Amazon Fire TV
  8. Watching PBS kids on Google Chromecast
  9. Getting PBS kids for my Apple TV
  10. Conclusion


About PBS Kids

  • PBS Kids is a place where you can watch all your kids favorite PBS Kids shows anytime and anywhere using the PBS Kids Video channel.
  • Moreover, using this app, kids can get in to new worlds with the shows and characters they love.
  • In this app, you will get new episodes every week, and you will get the opportunity to get fun and educational videos.
  • Similarly, watch PBS Kids 24 X 7 channel app for no cost and choose Live TV to stream what is Live on local PBS station right now.
  • Further, this PBS Kids app offers a secure and child friendly viewing experience for all ages.
  • Get the PBS Kids app on your streaming device, activate it via pbskids.org/activate, and log in with your PBS account.

Famous PBS Kids shows

  1. Sesame Street
  2. Arthur
  3. Curious George
  4. Odd Squad
  5. Wild Kratts
  6. Super Why!
  7. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  8. Zoom
  9. Clifford The Big Red Dog
  10. Cyberchase
  11. Design Squad Nation
  12. Kart Kingdom
  13. Martha Speaks
  14. Nature Cat
  15. Molly of Denali
  16. Peg + Cat
  17. The Ruff Ruffman show
  18. SciGirls
  19. Sid the Science kid
  20. World Girl
  21. Plum Landing
  22. Ready Jet Go
  23. Scribbles and Ink
  24. Pinkalicious and Peterrific
  25. Let’s Go Luna! And a lot more.

The compatible devices for PBS Kids

  1. Roku streaming players and TV
  2. Amazon Fire TV.
  3. Apple TV.
  4. Google Chromecast
  5. Android
  6. iPad
  7. Samsung Tizen
  8. iPhone

Signing up with the PBS account – pbskids.org/activate

Following are the guidelines to create your PBS account:

  • Firstly, open a new web browser and reach the PBS sign up site.
  • Next, click the Sign in option in the sign up page.
  • After that, you have to choose and tap Create one Now.
  • Secondly, in the name text box, input the full name.
  • And in the email address text box, provide a valid email address to get all the channel offers.
  • Now, you have to create one secure password for your PBS account and enter in to the password box.
  • Moreover, tap the Register option to create your account.
  • Once after, tapping the Register option, you are successfully signed up with the PBS account.
  • Finally, you can sign in to the PBS account and finish off the PBS kids activation.

What is the PBS Kids link code?

  • At first, you have to get this PBS activation code to activate the PBS kids app on your streaming device.
  • And you will get the activation code by accessing the app on your streaming device.
  • Finally, enter this code into the pbskids.org/activate and activate your PBS Kids channel.
  • Most importantly, you have to sign in with your PBS account to start with the activation process.

Activating the PBS Kids channel app on your Roku streaming device

The following guidelines can help you to install and activate PBS Kids on your Roku streaming device:

  • At first, you must get the Roku welcome screen on your Roku device.
  • And for that, you must press the Roku home button on the Roku remote.
  • Next, using the Roku remote, scroll to the left side of the and reach streaming services.
  • After that, go to the kids and Family category and look for the PBS app.
  • Or else, input the name of the app in the find bar and get the results.
  • Secondly, choose the PBS Kids app and select the Add channel option,
  • Press the OK button on the Roku remote to start with the downloading process.
  • Once after downloading, return to the Roku home screen and check for the installation.
  • Now, open the PBS Kids app on your Roku device, and this will give you the PBS Kids activation code.
  • Thirdly, access a new web browser and enter pbskids.org/activate in the address bar and click Go.
  • Enter the PBS Kids channel activation code into the text box and click continue.
  • Finally, log in with the PBS or Facebook for Google account.
  • After logging in, open the PBS Kids app on Roku and let your kids enjoy all their favorite shows.

PBS Kids on Android TV

Proceed with the prompts below to get the PBS Kids channel on Android TV:

  • Firstly, to download the PBS Kids channel app on your Android device, reach the Google PlayStore.
  • In there, enter the name of the app as PBS Kids and choose the result.
  • After that, select the PBS Kids video app to download and install it on your Android TV.
  • Secondly, after installation, open the PBS app on your Android TV to get the PBS Kids activation code.
  • Thirdly, access a new browser and go to pbskids.org/activate. 
  • In there, you must enter the code into the text box without any mistakes and click Continue.
  • Finally, login with the PBS or Facebook for Google.
  • The activation process of PBS Kids on Android TV is done once after signing in with the PBS account.

PBS kids on Amazon Fire TV

The following instructions can guide you to get the PBS Kids channel on your Amazon Fire TV:

  • First of all, go to the Amazon app store on your Fire TV.
  • Next, in the find bar, enter the name of the channel as PBS Kids.
  • Wait for the result and choose PBS Kids from it.
  • Secondly, choose the appropriate download option to install the PBS kids app.
  • After finishing the installation procedure, access the app on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • The PBS Kids app will access and prompt you to activate your app.
  • Moreover, visit pbskids.org/activate using a web browser on your computer.
  • Now, input the pbskids.org/activate code fire stick and click Continue.
  • Finally, use your PBS account to sign in and complete the process.
  • Similarly, you can open the app and make your kids learn via PBS Kids on Fire TV.

Watching PBS Kids via Google Chromecast

The following guidelines can help you to watch PBS Kids using Google Chromecast:

  • Google Chromecast shall enable the users to watch from a phone or a computer on the TV.
  • Firstly, connect the Chromecast into the Amazon Fire TV and choose WiFi.
  • After that, make use of the mobile phone or tablet on the same WiFi as the Google Chromecast.
  • Secondly, access the PBS Kids app on any of these devices.
  • Moreover, the PBS Kids app on your mobile phone, choose the video to watch.
  • Finally, tap the Cast icon, and the video will start to stream to your Google Chromecast and play on the TV.

PBS Kids on Apple TV

The prompts below can help you to download and activate PBS Kids on the Apple TV:

  • Firstly, navigate to the Apple app store on your Apple TV.
  • After that search for the PBS kids app on your Apple TV among the popular streamers.
  • Secondly, you must key in the name of the PBS kids app on the search bar.
  • Next, add the PBS Kids channel app on your Apple TV.
  • Now, once after adding the app, the icon will show up the rest of the apps.
  • Thirdly, select the PBS Kids app to access it, and you will be prompted to activate your app.
  • Moreover, now, you have to open a web browser and visit pbskids.org/activate. 
  • Further, input the PBS Kids channel activation code into the text box present.
  • And make sure not to make any mistakes in the activation code and click Continue.
  • Finally, you must sign up with your PBS kids account or Google account.
  • Once after the signing in process is complete, the PBS Kids will activate on the Apple TV.


This PBS kids channel app shall educate your kids using their favorite superheroes. Moreover, get the app from the channel store, access it, receive the activation code, and finally sign up with the PBS account. And this how you will activate the PBS Kids app on all of your streaming players. Get the PBS Kids code and start with your activation process.

Do you require further details or want to know How to activate the PBS Kids channel using pbskids.org/activate? Then feel free to contact our specialized expert squad.

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