iheart on Roku

  • iheart radio consists of all the music and radio stations, and that is available for free
  • At first, apart from the Android carrier or the Wi-Fi providers standard data rates, there is no extra cost to listen to the favorite stations
  • Similarly, iHeart Radio is owned by iHeart Media and has thousands of radio stations and podcasts are available on demand
  • The user can also stream contents from famous radio stations like Beasley Broadcast Group, Cumulus Media and Cox Radio
  • Moreover, the user access this network radio platform across 90 device platforms that can include Android phones, video game consoles
  • Finally, download the channel on Roku and activate it via iheart.com/activate
  • iheart Media consists of 850+ stations that include music, news, talk, sports and other contents for all the audiences
  • The user can download these channels on Roku and must activate it through iheart.com/activate


Stations of iheart Media 

  1. 7 life fm- soft rock, mix &variety
  2. 1035 KTU- Top 40 & pop
  3. Z100 Top 40& pop
  4. 7 KIIS-FM – Top 40& pop
  5. 3 My FM- mix & variety
  6. Kost 103.5-soft rock
  7. 3- Classic rock
  8. Power 105.1 hip hop and R&B
  9. 1KISS FM- Top 40& Pop
  10. Kiss 108- Top 40& pop
  11. 9 lite FM- Mix & Variety, soft soft
  12. Sunny 99.1- soft rock
  13. 5 KISS FM Top 40& pop
  14. ALT 98.7- Alternative
  15. Real 92.3 Hip hop and R&B

Compatible Roku models 

  1. DirecTV
  2. Sling TV
  3. Hulu
  4. The iHeart can be downloaded from the channel store and activate it through iheart.com/activate

Functions of iHeartRadio

  • At first, the radio channel is purely a network radio and can access the radio channel on the web browser
  • In the homepage of iHeartRadio, there are numerous live radio channels, podcasts, artist radio, and audio classification depending on the genres
  • Moreover, any audience can listen to this radio FM any location and time
  • Similarly, the iHeartRadio is available in Android application and iOS platform

Features of iHeartRadio

  • The iHeartRadio is a radio channel and has a lot of uniqueness for itself
  • Firstly, its feature can include live radio stations and generate free custom stations from the music repository
  • On the other hand, iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All-Access by Napster will allow you to stream more videos
  • Moreover, this can include all favorites from the radio, offline listening and also on-demand contents
  • Enjoy all the favorite contents by adding it on Roku and activating it through iheart.com/activate

How add the iHeartRadio on Roku?

  • At first, the iHeartRadio channel can be added from the Roku channel store
  • Or else the user can find it directly under the music category
  • Now, check whether the Roku streaming player has a strong wireless network access
  • Next, make sure to create the My Roku account by visiting the Roku sign up site
  • After that, make use of the Roku remote, press the home button and reach the Roku home screen
  • Secondly, go to the Roku channel store and under the music category, search for iHeartRadio
  • Or else on the search bar of the Roku channel store, type iHeartRadio and choose from the results
  • Similarly, select the channel from the results and then select Add channel option
  • After the channel addition, you will get the channel activation code
  • Finally, start with the activation through iheart.com/activate

Activation of iHeartRadio via iheart.com/activate

  • Firstly, the channel activation code will appear on the Roku TV screen
  • Note down the code correctly and now visit iheart.com/activate
  • In iheart.com/activatethe user must enter the code
  • Next, provide the channel activation code on iheart.com/activate and click the Activate device option
  • Finally, the activation process will start now and check for the iHeartRadio on the Roku channel list

How to search for the favorites on Roku?

  • First of all, login to the iHeartRadio account using the credentials
  • After that, choose My Station menu to verify the list of saved stations
  • And then you can check for the songs and stations liked by you

If you have any issues or require further information regarding iheart.com/activate, dial to our technical support team for their assistance

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