Pairing your device with a Remote is an important step that you need to execute in order to use it. You can use the pairing button and if the pairing button doesn’t work you have options to sync Roku remote without pairing button

IR remotes use infrared light to send the signals and hence there is no pairing button located at the back

How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

Settings on your TV

Below guide will help you to know how to sync your IR Roku remote without pairing button

Start executing the remote pairing settings. All most all the latest and new TV models that arrive will always have the remote pairing settings on your TV

Product comparison chart

Refer the product comparison chart or the device setup guide of your device model and will give you an idea of the remote models

Try seating the batteries

Battery seating should be always accurate and if the seating is not proper, try to reseat the batteries properly in the required slot. Before you place the batteries always check if the batteries are working if not replace the batteries with a new one

Opt for different remote models

Search for other Roku remote models such as Roku Enhanced remote or the Universal Roku remotes that have the pairing button at the back. Check out the reviews to find out the models compatible to use with your device

Do not place any obstacles

  • Always place your remote on a cool or a flat surface
  • Ensure that you do not use the same remote for pairing multiple devices at your home and also avoid the obstacles between the devices

Restart the device that you use

  • A quick restart of your device will help to resolve any error type and no matter whatever be the error
  • You can make use of the soft, hard or the factory reset options to reset and all your device settings, especially while pairing

Other tips

  • Take out all the cables connected to the device, reconnect it back again after a while and can check if the errors still remain
  • Also, do not allow your device to get overheated as the excessive temperate of the device can cause pairing issues

Get the guidelines on how to sync Roku remote without pairing button by visiting or ringing the support number +1-820-300-0612.

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