What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a streaming service that can feature Apple Originals, which are the most popular and award-winning drama, compelling dramas, documentaries, kids Entertainment, comedies, and all new originals added on each month. You can stream this Apple TV on the Apple TV app, and you can also watch this by downloading in all your streaming devices from their channel store. Here, we give you detailed information on its features, how to install apple tv on roku, etc.

Apple TV on Roku

What are the streaming gadgets that support Apple TV?

  1. Samsung Smart TV
  2. Roku players and TV
  3. Fire TV
  4. LG
  5. iPhone, iPad
  6. Apple TV
  7. Mac
  8. AirPlay

YES! Apple TV is now available on Roku.

  • At first, Apple TV on Roku is bringing home numerous ways to discover and stream all the movies and TV shows
  • Moreover, this also provides you with access to the iTunes video library on the Roku Platform
  • Similarly, this will broadcast private recommendations of TV shows and movies and lets you to find over 100,000 movies and TV shows using Apple TV app

What are the significant features of the Apple TV app?

  • Firstly, its is the Watch Now section that can feature the UP Next contents
  • In here, you can choose the left off and watch your favorite with watching history that has been synced across devices
  • After that, the Apple TV app consists of Kids section with shows and movies for kids of all ages
  • And make sure that you subscribe to stream famous service like HBO, STARZS, SHOWTIME and much more using the Apple ID and password
  • On the other hand, Apple TV is now available within the new Apple channel on your Roku device
  • Secondly, Apple TV can feature originals exclusively like shows, movies, and documentaries
  • Moreover, you can find the Apple TV app under the Movies and TV category of the streaming channels section on the Roku device
  • Finally, make sure that you subscribe to Apple TV to enjoy all the above features and shows

Did You Know?

The user of Roku can also download Apple tv on roku via the Roku website. All that you have to prepare is to reach the Apple TV channel package page an click Install. And now, this channel will simultaneously appear on the Roku home of your Roku streaming device.

Who are the Celebrated artist from shows on Apple TV?

  1. Oprah Winfrey
  2. Steven Spielberg
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Reese Winterspoon
  5. Octavia Spencer
  6. J.Abrams
  7. Jasin Mmoa
  8. Night Shyamalan
  9. Jon M.chu

Did you Know?

You can watch the Favorite Apple originals by downloading them to your Apple devices and watch anywhere, and there is no requirement of a network connection. That is, you can watch it offline.

Want to know about Apple TV+?

Yes! Apple TV+ is one fantastic, latest Streaming service that is on its way from Apple. This channel will be available on the Apple TV channel, and it will also proffer original TV Shows and movies covering all the genres.

What are the Roku models that support Apple TV?

Model name Model number
Roku TV 7000X, C000X, 8000X, A000X
Roku Smart Soundbar 9101X
Onn. Roku Smart Soundbar 9100X
Roku 3 4200X, 4230X
Roku 2 4205X, 4210X
Roku Ultra 4640X, 4660X, 4661X, 4670X
Roku Premiere 3920X, 4620X
Roku Ultra 4640X, 4660X, 4661X, 4670X
Roku Premiere+ 3921X, 4630X
Roku Express 3900X, 3930X
Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810X, 3811X
Roku Express+ 3910X, 3931X
Roku HD 3932X
Roku Streaming Stick 3600X, 3800X

How to check for the Roku devices that are compatible with Apple TV?

  • At first, press the Roku Home button on the Roku remote to get the Home screen
  • After that, using the Roku remote buttons, you have to reach Settings
  • Secondly, you have to choose System
  • Similarly, select Read, and then you will get all brief information about your Roku model
  • Finally, you can check whether you Roku model comes under the list

Let’s Get Started with Adding Apple TV on Roku

How to install Apple TV on Roku?

Downloading apple tv on roku is very easy and effortless, and you can also follow our guidelines to firs up the process.

All that you have to do is to execute the following steps to install apple tv on roku 

  • At first, get the Roku home screen on your TV by pressing the Roku Home button
  • After that, you need to scroll to the left side screen, in order to reach the streaming services section
  • Moreover, in there, you have to check and search for the Apple TV
  • Next, scroll up and down and choose Streaming channels to access the Roku channel store
  • Secondly, choose the Search Channels option
  • Similarly, type the name of the channel as Apple TV and wait for the results
  • In case if it does not appear, then it indicates that your Roku model does not support Apple TV
  • Thirdly, if you see the channel, make use of the directional pad on the Roku remote to highlight the Apple TV channel
  • Now, you have to check for the channel information by clicking the OK button
  • This will show up the complete details of the Apple TV
  • Finally, now you will have to choose the Add channel option to start up the Downloading process of apple tv on roku 
  • After the downloading process of apple tv on roku, the channel will display in the list of channels under the Home screen of your Roku device
  • Simply, you can also add apple tv on roku using your Roku account on your Web browser or Android device

Let’s guide you to sign in to the Apple TV channel.

How to log in to the Apple TV channel?

Complete the next steps to sign in to the Apple TV channel

  • At first, you have to access the Apple TV channel on your Roku device
  • After that, choose the Settings option
  • On the other hand, then select Accounts and then select Sign in
  • Moreover, you will get two options to sign in

1.Choose Sign In on Mobile Device to Sign in using your Smart phone
Moreover, you can go to the Apple site and provide the code that pop up on your TV
Or else, you can scan the QR code that is on the TV screen

2.Select Sign in On this TV and make sure to provide the Apple ID directly on your TV screen by making use of the Roku remote

  • Finally, if you do not have one Apple ID, choose to create an Apple ID and then proceed with the further process

Yes! Its time to stream

How to stream movies and TV shows from the Apple tv on Roku?

  • At first, on your Apple TV channel, you have to choose:

1.choose a category to surf the available contents
2.choose Library to check the content you already have
3.select Search if you want to get what you are searching for

  • After that, you have to scroll through the contents available and choose the one you wish
  • Further, choose By or Rent option
  • Similarly, you have to provide the Apple ID if asked for
  • Finally, choose the Play option to start streaming your favorite content

If you want to get more details or you have further doubts on apple tv on rokufeel free to contact our technical support team or visit Roku.com/link

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