Channel Pear is Finally on Roku!

Channel Pear is a collaborative and cloud-based media floor that lets you explore and see live content throughout the globe on your streaming devices. This enables you to discover live contents all over the universe using the Media database and performs as a flexible and authorized hosted library that permits you to install and manage different types of media content ranging from live streams, MRSS feeds, specific videos, and a lot more.

Now, this channel pear is back on Roku, and here we are going to discuss on how to add channel pear on roku. This installation will have a separate procedure, unlike other streaming services.

Channel Pear on Roku

Offers of channel Pear to Roku

Here are some best features of channel Pear on the Roku device:

  • At first, Channel Pear is a private channel on Roku and the app consist of custom titles and cover art for your feeds
  • Moreover, you will require a Channel Pear account to sign in and to pair your Roku device with your Pear account
  • Similarly, the channel Pear site proffers a number of pre-installed sources like TLC, Discovery, Nat Geo wild, CNN, MTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, Travel channel, and ABC News
  • After the addition of a custom or pre-downloaded source via the site, close and refresh the Roku channel and check for the feed on the main menu
  • On the other hand, the downloaded sources that were listed above will give you live video streaming from the chosen network
  • There is no fee needed for the channel, and if you have the URL of a feed, then you can download it all by yourself

What are the file types supported?

  1. MKV (H.264)
  2. M3U
  3. MP4 (H.264)
  4. M3U8
  5. M4A (H264)
  6. MOV(H.264)
  7. M4V (H.264)

Addition of Channel Pear on Roku!

How to create the Channel Pear account?

The following guidelines shall enable you to create the Roku account:

  • At first, access a web browser and reach the Channel Pear site
  • After that, you must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy to create your account
  • Click I agree to continue
  • Secondly, in the next page, enter the username and also input Verify username
  • Provide a valid email address for your Channel Pear account
  • And make sure to re enter it in verify email text box
  • Thirdly, create a secure password for your Channel Pear account and re enter it for confirmation in the next text box
  • Moreover, check for the reCAPTCHA and make sure you are not a robot
  • Finally, check for all the details provided and click the Sign up button

Roku and Channel Pear

To launch Channel Pear on Roku, firstly, you have to sign up for the Channel Pear Free account and pair the Roku device with the channel Pear account. After that, you will get access to extra material to your media library.

Similarly, Channel Pear is not available on Roku, and you can only side load Channel Pear on Roku

Fire Up enabling the Developer Mode on Roku

Proceed with the following instructions to enable the Developer Mode on Roku:

  • Firstly, to enable the developer mode, press the combination of buttons below on your Roku remote
    1. Press the home button thrice
    2. Press the Up button twice
    3. Press the right button one time
    4. Press the left button one time
    5. Again press the right button once and left button once
  • Now, you can see the Developer Settings screen on your TV screen
  • Secondly, the Roku device URL will be displayed on the Developer settings screen
  • Make a copy of the URL and save the URL and the Username and choose Enable Installer and Restart button
  • Moreover, the next screen will appear with the SDK License Agreement page and click I Agree button
  • After that, enter the web server password and choose Set Password and Reboot to restart the Roku device
  • Similarly, after the Roku device restarts, you will be able to launch the Developer Mode
  • Thirdly, to get the Roku Developer Mode and Side loads app, access a web browser on the computer
  • Ensure that the Roku device and the computer has the same network connection
  • Enter the URL in the search bar and sign in with the credentials
  • Click the Log in button and get the connection to Roku device in Developer Mode
  • Finally, the above process shall access the Development Application Installer page

How to side load channel Pear on Roku?

Following guidelines shall help you to side load the channel Pear on Roku:

  • Firstly, you have to install the channel Pear Zip file for Roku
  • After that upload the channel Pear Zip file in the development application installer page
  • Next, after uploading the file, click the Install button to side load this app on Roku
  • Secondly, the Roku will access the app automatically after the app installation
  • Now the app will be available on the Roku Home screen

Pairing Roku with Channel Pear Account

  • Firstly, access the Channel Pear app and get the activation code
  • Next, go to the Channel Pear Library on the computer and select the Pair option
  • After that, click the Roku device from the pull-down list
  • Secondly, in the next screen, provide the code on your TV screen
  • Moreover, click the Pair option
  • Finally, once the pairing is successful, the screen will display the message
  • Now, start to enjoy all your favorite contents with Channel Pear on Roku 
  • This is how you will add Channel Pear on Roku


Roku shall allow only one app to side load at a time. You can download the Channel Pear on Roku only by side loading as it is not available on the Roku channel store. To uninstall this, reach the Developer application installer page and select the Delete button

If you have any doubts or if you want to have more information about Channel Pear on Roku, contact our professional expert squad for their guidance

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